Get to Know Modern Oikos Where Function Meets Fashion

Have you ever found yourself tangled in a mess of hangers and clothes? Or trying to jam one more outfit into an already bursting closet? We've been there too, wrestling with stubborn hangers and playing an endless game of Tetris with our wardrobes. Frustrated and flustered, we knew there had to be a better way. This everyday challenge sparked an idea. An idea that led to the birth of Modern Oikos.

The Tale Behind Our Name

The name? It came from the Greek word "oikos," which means "home."  A simple word, yet deeply profound. Our homes are more than just places where we sleep; they are our sanctuaries, the backdrop of our lives, filled with laughter, tears, love, and dreams. And so, we envisioned a brand that could transform your living spaces into havens of peace, function, and style.

Peek Into Our Logo

Our logo is a little like us - simple but significant. Look closely at our logo, and you'll see our story woven into it. The upward arrow reflects our constant strive for better, always reaching for new solutions that make your home life easier. The squares within the 'o'? They stand for the balance and harmony we aim to bring into your home.

Our Mission: Declutter. De-stress. Delight.

Life's complicated enough, don't you think? We do too. That's why our mission at Modern Oikos is to uncomplicate your living spaces. With our products, we’re determined to make each day feel a little less like a chore and a little more like a charm. We want you to spend less time wrestling with your wardrobe, and more time enjoying the things that truly matter.

Our Vision: Love Where You Live

At Modern Oikos, our vision is to create homes that are adored. We want you to fall in love with your space, day in and day out. To feel a sense of pride and joy every time you walk through your front door. We dream of a world where everyone's home is a true reflection of their style, their spirit, and their dreams. And we're here to help you every step of the way.