Your Privacy Matters to Modern Oikos

I'm just giving you a heads up about how we at Modern Oikos manage your data when you use our site. 

What We Collect:

  • Your Contact info.
  • A bit about you - where you're from, likes and dislikes.
  • Details on your purchases and payment.
  • Tech data like IP address and browser type.

Why We Need It:

  • For keeping records and admin stuff.
  • To enhance our products and services.
  • To email you about new products and offers.
  • For market research and customer service.


Here at Modern Oikos, your security is not just a line in our policy, it's what we live by. We're constantly updating and employing top-of-the-line safety procedures to ensure your personal information stays just that - personal. That being said, while no system is absolutely foolproof, we're doing our utmost to make it as close as possible. 


Ever wondered how some websites seem to know you so well? Well, the magic behind this is cookies. They're tiny files that help us keep tabs on how you use our website and tailor your experience to make it smoother. However, if you'd like a more incognito experience, feel free to turn off cookies in your browser settings. Just a heads up, some features on our site might not work as expected without cookies. 

External Links

Just to let you know, you might find links to other websites on our site. These are just for your convenience, but once you're on these other sites, we don't have any control over how they handle your information. So, we suggest taking a look at their privacy policies too.

Your Rights

Remember, it's your data. You can ask us anytime for a complete lowdown on the personal information we have on you. Noticed an error? Give us a shout, and we'll fix it. If you ever want us to delete your data, just let us know. However, there might be some instances where we're required to keep it, either for legal reasons or because it's needed for our services.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Just like technology, our privacy policy isn't set in stone. We might need to change it from time to time, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop by updating it here. So, don't be a stranger, check in every once in a while to keep yourself updated. And by the way, continuing to use the site after we've posted any changes means you're okay with them.